Carbon County Utah

Carbon County Democrats are committed to improving the lives of every citizen of Southeastern Utah.

Through outreach and advocacy, we can make a difference! We regularly meet with legislators, attend hearings, and support candidates that support a vision of hope, freedom and the American Way of Life. We have been successful in advocating for improvements in our community so that we can build a better world for our children.

Our volunteer base is growing daily as Democrats have found a voice and renewed sense of patriatism. You too can make a difference. Sign up for our newsletter, or contact us to volunteer.

*** - DEMOCRAT PRIMARY: Any person registered to vote may cast a ballot in the Democrat
Primary, e.g., democrats, republicans, independents, unaffiliated, and others may vote in the
Democrat Primary Election.
HOWEVER: You receive only one ballot. If a non-democrat chooses to vote in the Democrat
Primary, that voter is precluded from casting a ballot in any other primary for that election
cycle.- ***

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